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Corporate Grants
  We can obtain special corporate grants for any corporate business.    




Corporate Projects
  The Grantman can oversee and advise on any of your corporate financial projects. Allowing you to get the best return on your grants.  




Charity and Social Enterprise Grants
  Charities and Socail enterprises can also obtain many grants. Why not talk to the grant man and see what he can obtain for your charity or social enterprise.  




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The bigger your project, the bigger the grants available to help you.

If your ambition requires creating new spaces to work in and from rather than utilising existing ones, a variety of factors come into play. Planning permission is at the core of such proposals, and securing it can be a complicated process calling for the ability to navigate political situations as well as master project management.

We have all of that expertise, developed over 25 years with successes including greenfield sites and the development of complex infrastructures. The bad news about projects of this scale is that they are projects of this scale. And that’s also the good news – understand the objectives of the people and organisations involved, and win/win solutions become apparent with adequate preparation.

Large project work creates all kinds of advantages, not least the financial support available for job creation in many areas. Lining the pieces up is what takes time and skill, and then the skill is about coordination, communication, and dealing with the unexpected.

High stakes offer high rewards. Our gift is for working with the parties involved so that everyone benefits according to their personal and institutional criteria. That takes time, and projects of this scale are very much about the long game. The good news is, it doesn’t take long to get a feel for just how positive the response we’re getting is, and build on that.

If you’ve got a major project in mind that calls for new build, then talk to us. Our expertise is rare, and won through experience in many sectors and territories.







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