Corporate Grants




Corporate Grants
  We can obtain special corporate grants for any corporate business.    




Corporate Projects
  The Grantman can oversee and advise on any of your corporate financial projects. Allowing you to get the best return on your grants.  




Charity and Social Enterprise Grants
  Charities and Socail enterprises can also obtain many grants. Why not talk to the grant man and see what he can obtain for your charity or social enterprise.  




Contact the Grant Man
  Contact the Grantman today to arrange a grant meeting with your businnes or organisation..  



Corporate Grants

Grants can help you get a business off the ground.

The quickest way to progress your business from where you are to where you want to be is with financial assistance. Dovetail your ambitions with the priorities of funding bodies, and the door to future success opens.

Grants are available across exist across many parts of the UK and Europe. We understand the intricacies of the systems involved, and 25 years experience working in this sector gives us deep understanding of how to align client ambition with strategically-targeted financial support.

It’s often the case that the particular monies best matched to your intention are located in another region. Update your thinking to accept that reality, and the jigsaw pieces of a solution for success can fall into place pretty quickly.

There’s a kind of alchemy involved to shape the package that will take you forward, all about matching location with capital expenditure and job creation. Our expertise is in getting that triangulation right, putting together a proposal tailor-made for the area and players involved.

With a constantly-updated knowledge base, we are able to shape bespoke solutions responsive to the needs of all parties and in tune with bureaucratic requirements. We excel at operating on the human level, dealing with a variety of institutional and personal agendas and crafting a solution that truly benefits all.

Get in touch, and we’ll discuss the first steps involved in bringing your dreams into reality.












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