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Corporate Grants
  We can obtain special corporate grants for any corporate business.    




Corporate Projects
  The Grantman can oversee and advise on any of your corporate financial projects. Allowing you to get the best return on your grants.  




Charity and Social Enterprise Grants
  Charities and Socail enterprises can also obtain many grants. Why not talk to the grant man and see what he can obtain for your charity or social enterprise.  




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  Contact the Grantman today to arrange a grant meeting with your businnes or organisation..  



Charity and Social Enterprise Grants

As a charity or social enterprise, there are grants open exclusively for you.

Government funding at central and local level has been stripped back. Services have been impacted in major ways as a consequence. As bad as that is, there are still solutions available for charities and social enterprises that can think and act in creative ways. Our expertise is in working with you to craft solutions that can underpin a more solid future.

Look beyond the British situation to Europe, and the picture changes. Considerable funding is available to support a whole range of projects. Accessing it calls for a combination of bureaucratic understanding, lateral thinking, and sensitivity to multiple agendas. And those are skills we have honed to a high level over 25 years.

 Understanding that you may have to progress in new ways is important. Charities and social enterprises are being called on to operate in ways that create income, and that shift of orientation is one our thorough business grounding can help you with significantly.

Together, we can create fundraising plans and strategies including the preparation and submission of grant-orientated business plans. You’re navigating new territory, and with us at your side you’ll come through more flexible and resilient, and prepared for the future in new ways.

If you’ve recognised that it’s time for your social enterprise or charity to act in new ways without being sure how, this is the perfect time to get in touch with us.