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Part of what makes The Grant Man so effective is his thoroughness. He did extensive studies of grant applications and the key finding from that data was this:

What distinguishes successful funding bids from those that fall short is the intersection of three criteria – location, training, and jobs.

Therefore, a successful grant application will ideally be centred on those three factors. What makes them so important?

Location – if you can focus your activities in an area that’s under-resourced, you’ll win favour from European agencies.

Training – enhancing the skillsets of people living in places where unemployment is problematic makes them more employer-friendly.

Jobs – being able to create employment is a major motivation for much European funding. Do that, and they’ll be willing to support you.

Each of those factors is instrumental in assessing a grant proposal. Put together a cohesive strategy that addresses all three, and your prospects of success skyrocket.

The Grant Man is a wizard at putting together such packages. Producing one calls for detailed research, meticulous planning, and lateral thinking that allows for the dots to be connected in ways that will create an impeccable bid with an unarguable case.

The Grant Man excels at seeing a way through to the creation of an irresistible solution, even if the relevant components might not be apparent to those seeking the funding to bring it about. There’s a kind of alchemy that goes into a winning proposition, and time and again The Grant Man has delivered results for clients across a range of sectors.



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