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The Grant Man’s reputation in securing funding for clients is based on an almost forensic approach to the study of how EU and other grants operate. That knowledge has been applied, refined, and updated, and through it a supremely effective method has emerged.

Paul spent a lot of his early career working in banking and accounting. It gave him insights into how money functions, and under what circumstances institutions are prepared to part with funds. What Paul learned in this time was the criteria that make a difference for a bank to agree to lend money – and the reality of that is quite straightforward. That knowledge enabled him to leverage loans for enterprises that may not have accessed them otherwise.

It may be that Paul’s working life would have continued to be bank-based. But in 1989 Paul tragically lost his young son Mark to leukaemia. That event changed the course of Paul’s life forever. He began raising money to support children experiencing the same condition, and reassessed what he was doing professionally.

Out of that personal loss came a new vision. Paul has always been gifted at offering practical support to help people navigate from their unsatisfactory present to a better future, specifically through helping them to work with their financial options more effectively. Building on that foundation, and responding to opportunities that were coming his way, Paul devoted serious time to understanding how grant funding works.

Over the next 25 years, Paul worked on some major projects, discovering the intricacies of the European grant system. On several occasions he was responsible for more than half of the successful grant applications from the East Midlands and Wales. Huge amounts of money are accessible to people who know how to unlock funding streams – and Paul Belshaw has honed that expertise into an artform.

For the most part, people have come across Paul through word of mouth. Now, Paul wants to make his knowhow more widely available. That’s why he’s been doing some talks to pass on his insights and advice. And this website functions as a gateway to access Paul’s unique knowhow.

Knowledge alone won’t secure funding. What’s needed is the ability to read between the lines of what funding programmes really mean, and put together proposals with the kind of lateral thinking that can dissolve potential obstacles before they form. The Grant Man – Paul Belshaw – has that capability.



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